The Important Patient Information and Data

In the digital age, electronic bookkeeping is now a common practice in dental offices. The age of keeping paper files and documents is now quickly going out of style. Modern dentists need to apply the latest bookkeeping software to digitally manage all of the important patient information and data. Secretaries and medical billing specialists need to learn how to use the latest data management software when working for a dentist. Viive Dental Practice Management Software is an example of a program that allows dentists to manage appointments, keep medical records and make custom notes and charts for each patient.

Dental practice software features a convenient appointment scheduling system that automatically shows the available times and dates that are open and closed. Secretaries do not need to flip through paper calendars and try to find any appointment openings for patients.

Computer software for dental offices does much more than manage appointments. Dentists can create detailed charts and graphs that analyze all of the teeth of a patient. Three dimensional models can be generated to represent the unique structure and health of every single tooth inside a patient's mouth. Such virtual graphics can be generated by doing three dimensional scanning methods of the mouth. Additionally, dental management software allows for importing digital copies of all x-ray scans of a patient's teeth. Such information helps dentists track the progress of teeth that may show development of cavities and gum disease.

Dental management software can be used to create detailed digital patient charts. Each profile can include treatment history and detailed explanations of previous complaints and procedures. Previous and existing fillings, root canals, implants and crowns can be described in detail. Personal information such as social security number, date of birth and address is linked to every profile to prevent mixing up identities. Of course, pictures of patients' faces can also be imported into dental management programs.

Certain dental management programs are optimized for specific operating systems such as iOS and Windows. The optimization makes it possible for dentists to gain access to the software via computers, laptops, smartphones and tablets. The compatibility makes it easy for a dentist to quickly review patient information without having to run to the front desk and ask the secretary for specific data. Wireless technology now makes it easy to import paper documents about dental patients into a computer software system for easy organization, review analysis and manipulation.


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